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Finding the perfect swimsuit...

I don't know about you, but finding the perfect swimsuit has always been a struggle for me.

I tend to be well gifted in the hip area!  So finding suits that are flattering and make me feel comfortable usually steer me away from even trying them on.

But, lately I have decided that I must love me - the whole enchilada- for who I am!  I have become comfortable in my own skin.  True, it has taken me about 25 years to do so, but I am at a happy place, finally!

I'm not wearing my swimsuit to impress anyone.  I'm wearing it because that's what's required to go to the pool, beach, etc.

The swimwear that is featured in our shop features the following:

"We do an extensive in-house quality check of all items before we decide to list or sell them. Not only do we check quality regarding material and craftsmanship, but we also check on sizing. We are happy to announce that a majority of our swimwear is true to size, unless stated otherwise. All descriptions will reference sizing so you and your customers know what to expect when purchasing. All of our swimwear uses Alpha sizing such as S, M, and L. We would like this opportunity to go more into specific measurements. " - from my supplier.

All of our swimwear is beautiful and very pretty!  Always FREE shipping!

Just be your true authentic self!  Take that swim, enjoy the cool water!

The time is now, be comfortable in your own skin!

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